Holidays in Paris? Opt for a cooking course

Visit Provence for the Insightful Culinary Courses

Apart from the breathtaking sceneries of French countryside, visitors can enjoy culinary holidays on the renowned Provence city. You get to learn how to cook popular French dishes while engaging in different sports activities. The chefs offer insight into the preparation of various foods and the history behind many famous French dishes. Here are places you should consider going for culinary holidays in Provence.

Two-Day Culinary Holiday and Truffle Hunting in Les Pastras

Here, you get to explore the vast Provencal truffle plantation and learn how truffles are cultivated. You also engage in behind the scenes activities of Les Pastras, and join professional truffle hunters who will take you on a hunt for ‘black gold.’ The hunters know all the ins and outs of the trade. This culinary tour also takes you through truffle oil and champagne tasting.

Five-day Cooking session at the Village of Saint Jeannet

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The retreat offers a rare opportunity for you to live with the locals and meet their friends in this rural part of France. You get to taste delicious food prepared by locals, experience their rich culture and enjoy the view of the vast countryside off the beaten track. This medieval village is set a few miles away from French Riviera. There’s no set arrival day.

Ten-day Culinary Vacation at French Moods LLC

Enjoy an all-inclusive culinary journey at French Moods LLC Located at the heart of Provence. The course offers insight about the gastronomic traditions of this city, and the rich culture still ingrained among natives. French Moods professionals will take you through the intricacies of preparing delicious French dishes and you get to taste the best wines in the region. The school is surrounded by medieval villages, budding fields of lavender and lush vineyards. In the evening, you can take a stroll to the vibrant Provencal markets, view the colorful pieces of work created by Cezanne and Van Gogh and visit the antique shops.